Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008


Got the painting in the nursery finished up on Sunday. We're pretty happy with it. We painted the whole room blue, with an orange and white stripe about three quarters of the way up the wall. It turned out better than we had expected.
Later on Sunday we went to Babies R Us to pick out the crib with my mother. (Thanks Mom!)

We got a call that the crib is in, and Bobbie Jo's mom let us know that the dresser they bought us is also in. They are dropping it off tonight, and then are going to help us pick up the crib. Tomorrow while Bobbie Jo is at her first shower (thrown by her Mom) I'll probably start getting the room put together. We'll post some pictures once we get a few things together.

Thanks to the grandparents for the furniture. We really appreciate it!!

-James & Bobbie Jo

He won't move (for me)

I got to feel the kid move quite a while ago. Since then, he's chosen to be a little jerk and not let me feel him.
Bobbie Jo took a bath, and said he moved so much he caused ripples in the water (I was gone at the time). I later heard that a warm bath will almost always get the kid moving, so a few days later while I was home, Bobbie Jo took a warm bath, while I sat on the can (lid closed, using it as a chair) and waited for the kid to move. Nothing.
She'll often grab my hand and put it on her belly, "he's really moving a lot now", as soon as I get my hand close by, he stops.
I had my head on her belly so long one night, the impression of my ear was visible just above her belly button. As soon as I moved, the kid kicked.

This kid might be trouble!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today's Appointment

Bobbie Jo had an appointment at the OB this morning. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it as I had to be at work today. I felt pretty bad, missing my first appointment.
The high points are these:
  • Bobbie Jo does not have diabetes
  • She has gained no "extra" weight and is looking great
  • The baby is growing faster than expected (there was quick mention of a 10 pound baby!), the baby is at 30 weeks, but her belly measures that he is the size of a 31 week old.
We were scheduled for another ultrasound 6 weeks from now (week 36) to check the baby out and see whether the delivery will be induced earlier than expected (no more than a week or so early). Bobbie Jo is small enough that the doc doesn't think that a giant baby would be good for her to deliver full term. We'll find out more at that time.

We are now scheduled for an appointment every 2 weeks. If all goes as planned we should only have 4 more appointments until the baby is due.

Things are moving fast!!