Sunday, February 22, 2015

Disney Junior Live on Stage

We bought tickets for the kids 6 months ago as something fun to do on their birthday weekend. Max has grown up quite a bit since then, but he enjoyed a little bit of it (just not the princess stuff!).
Watching Lily light up when she saw Cinderella come on stage brought tears to my eyes.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Conference Recap

While the things that Max's teacher said are still fresh in my mind, I must get them written down.

  • He is so creative, all of the other kids flock to him at recess because of all the fun games he comes up with.
  • There is a girl in his class who hasn't had much luck fitting in with the girls. Max has befriended her 'just because'.
  • His reading and math test scores are the highest in his class, and maybe all of the first grade.
  • His teacher is frequently told by other teachers "how much they are in love with her Max".
  • His writing is incredible. Most of the other kids need ideas about what to write. Max always has something he wants to write about.
  • He talks a lot. Sometimes he needs to be reminded to not talk over people, but it is always out of excitement. He loves to learn, and he loves to help others learn.
  • In the cafeteria his teacher told the class that they needed to settle down; they were acting like a bunch of little monkeys. Max rallied the group to improve their behavior. This is common-he is a leader in the class.
  • His teacher has requested a different subscription to his ipad reading app as he has out read the first grade app.
  • He talks about his sister a lot and it is obvious to his teacher how much he is enamored with her.
  • Other parents asked his teacher "so, who is this Max kid we keep hearing about?".
Proud doesn't even begin to explain it.