Friday, April 30, 2010

Celebration with the boys!

In celebration of my new career, Bobbie Jo insisted that I take in a Tiger's day game over my vacation between jobs. On Thursday the boys (Nikos, Brad, Tim, and Josh) and I watched the Tigers whoop the Twins and spent some considerable time at the Greektown casino, where surprisingly enough the Greek (Nick) made out quite handily.
Thanks for the roadtrip boys, we need to do it again soon! I can't wait to make the trip with Max.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A fond farewell

Today was the last day of my employment at Steketee Greiner, a great firm that allowed me to really stretch my wings. I wanted to share the blog post that I made earlier this week. It was originally posted at

"Farewell…..for now"

In March of 2005, while looking for a new challenge, my mentor recommended that I hook up with David JFM Greiner, an individual whom he had recently convinced to “go out on his own” and start a consulting/creative business. On April 15th, 2005 I began working with David for Fiaba Creative. We had one client, and our sights set on world domination.

Our main base of operations was a coffee shop in downtown Holland. We had a few other regular contractors whom we worked with, but David and I “were Fiaba”. Through many meetings, brainstorming sessions, and a 14 hour drive for a pitch in South Carolina, David taught me “the ropes”. In late 2006, with David’s blessing, he and I parted ways so I could contract directly for a client of ours. I always kept my eye on Fiaba as it grew, hired its first actual employee (Jill), and started to make real headway into some prestigious businesses in West Michigan and beyond.

In July 2008 I (re)-joined the team at Context MG. Fiaba Creative had a new partner (Brian) and an incredible team of employees. While the name had changed and the service offerings had expanded, the core of the business was still the same; “do what people needed to get done, but didn’t know how to do”. The next year brought many new challenges, new clients, a name change, a move to Grand Rapids, and the addition of more incredible people.

David and Brian have allowed me to attempt countless new things. I’ve tried, and accomplished, many things I never thought I could do. The skills that I have accumulated here have opened up many doors, most recently an opportunity to advance my career in a new direction. While leaving is definitely bittersweet, it is what Brian and David have been preparing me for this whole time.

Since that first day back in 2005, I am so proud of what this company has done, and the outstanding people who I have worked with through it all. This office is filled with my friends; great friends who put their heart and soul into everything they do. I know that I will look back at my time with Fiaba/Context/SGC as one of the best jobs and families I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

It’s funny that this week (my last three days here) was the week for my blog post. I’m glad to have had a chance to write it. I’ll be hard pressed to ever find a company with the culture we have here. Everybody works hard, but we play equally hard. I’m really going to miss this place, it’s been fun!

Who knows where my future will take me….we’ll just have to see.

Thanks for everything,


Monday, April 26, 2010

No more plug

He's only ever used it while he slept, but this week we've taken away Max's "plug" when he sleeps at night. I think he looks forward to his naps because he still gets to use it for those.

He's now even more dependent on Elmo and Blanket.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


To enter into the historical record, Max currently watches:

and sometimes
though he will say "No Hanny Manny" when he'd rather not watch it.

When he wakes up we've gotten into the terrible habit of allowing him to watch a few "cartoons" to let us sleep in a bit longer. At least he's learning something, right?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What being a grandparent is all about

A grandparent (or grandparents) who shall remain nameless watched Max today. Here is a photo of the text I just received from Bobbie Jo.

I only post this with approval of all of those involved, and by saying that Max was having an ABSOLUTE BLAST!

It's obvious why Max loves all of his grandparents so much!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flying a kite

First good windy day of the spring. Perfect for Max, Grandpa, and I to take Max's new Spiderman kite for a test flight.

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